Travel Feeds My Soul

Life goes by so fast.  So many things fill me up with joy and I would never want to short change the love and adoration I have for my family and friends, but travel truly feeds my soul and fills me with joy, wonder, and understanding as I explore this beautiful planet.



There are many moments in life that I treasure, from big moments like becoming a mother, to little moments like holding hands with my husband walking along a quiet street.  While not all great memories are a result of travel, there so many that are. I have met amazing people, learned things about myself and others, gained a knowledge of history, and of course tried some amazing food along the way.





We all have limited resources when it comes to travel – either financial or just precious time!  For me the research and planning of travel is almost as much fun as the actual trip – okay not even close to the experience, but I still really enjoy the planning! Learning about a city, best location for hotel, must eat foods or restaurants to try, logistics –  planes, trains, cars, subway, walking, share rides and more!

From walking in Rome with the best gelato in hand to a weekend camping trip enjoying the outdoors, near or far I started documenting some of my travel experiences as a way to capture the memories, and if I can help others along the way – even better!