Travel Feeds My Soul

Life goes by so fast.  Many of us work so hard and forget to take the time to really experience all the experiences that travel provides.  I feel that travel truly opens us to more joy, wonder, and understanding of our fellow humans from past, present, to future as we explore this beautiful planet.


There are many moments in life that I treasure, from big moments like becoming a mother, to little moments like holding hands with my husband walking along a quiet street.  While not all great memories are a result of travel, there so many that are. I have met amazing people, learned things about myself and others, gained a knowledge of history, and of course tried some amazing food along the way.


We all have limited resources when it comes to travel – it can sometimes be financial or just precious time!  For me the research and planning of travel is  as much fun as the actual trip – okay I still really enjoy the actual experience, but I am a planner! Learning about a city, the best location and types of hotel, must eat foods or restaurants to try, logistics –  planes, trains, cars, ferries, subway, walking, ride share and more!

From walking in Italy with the best gelato in hand to a weekend camping trip enjoying the outdoors, near or far I will share my travel experiences to help you plan your trip of a lifetime!